Services & Workshops

A non-exhaustive list of services I offer:

  • Improving your software delivery by optimising CI/CD workflow and tooling
    • Measuring and improving key metrics such as lead time, deployment frequency, change failure rate, etc.
  • Evaluating and supporting the creation of an Internal Developer Platform
    • Creating a blueprint and 3-, 6-, or 12-month plan for your platform team to continuously build IDP.
  • Optimising workflows and tools to improve the Developer Experience
    • Evaluating current tools and processes with regard to Developer Happiness
    • Systems Interviews with Engineering teams
    • Workshops on modern software development practices, such as Docker, Kubernetes, etc. pp.
  • Developing and analysing a DevRel strategy with your Product and Engineering team
    • Evaluating current maturity state of the community through user interviews and outreach
    • Creating a 3-, 6-, or 12-month plan to improve key DevRel metrics such as downloads/installations, active contributors, content conversion rate, etc.
    • Workshops on DevRel practices for Engineers and Stakeholders

I also offer individual workshops:

  • ½-, 1- or 2-day workshops on Cloud Native basics including hands-on exercises
    • Microservice Architecture
    • Containers & Kubernetes for Developers
    • CI/CD & GitOps
    • Internal Developer Platforms
  • Open Source marketing & community management
    • Speaking effectively to the community (e.g. public speaking, blogposts, video content) for Engineers
    • DevRel basics for Leadership & Stakeholders
  • Servant Leadership, Communication & Conflict Resolution
    • Improving Team communication
    • Conflict mediations
    • Leadership training courses focusing on diversity, async collaboration, systems thinking, and more
  • Public Speaking and Stage Performance
    • Fun and casual workshops to get people out of their shells and improve confidence, trust and communication

All services and workshops can be tailored to your needs.